Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling services offered in Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

A growing body of evidence underscores the links between nutrition and mental health. At Nevada Family Psychiatry in Downtown Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jay Somers, PA-C, DHS, understands how essential nutrition is to living a happy, healthy life, both physically and mentally. When you’re ready to explore how nutrition can impact your daily feelings and function, call or click to schedule a personalized visit. 

Nutritional Counseling Q & A

How are nutrition and mental health linked?

Extensive research shows that nutrition has a direct impact on your physical health. It should be no surprise that it also affects your mental and emotional health. 

Food is what fuels the vast array of cells within the human body. Things become out of balance when you don’t take in sufficient nutrition or when you lack certain vital elements. You’ll feel that in your physical health, and you might begin to notice changes in your cognitive function and emotional stability. 

Research shows that people with poor nutrition have higher rates of depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and other mood problems. Nutritional deficiencies also contribute to sleep disorders and systemic inflammation, both of which have direct negative impacts on mental health.  

What happens during nutritional counseling?

The process begins with a discussion of your current mental and physical health. PA. Somers also gathers information about your overall nutrition and your experience with making dietary changes. 

Once he understands your current set of circumstances, PA. Somers works with you to find areas where improvements can be made. You’ll receive a customized nutrition plan designed to align with your needs and lifestyle habits. 

Finding meaningful ways to boost your nutrition goes far beyond simply starting a restrictive diet plan. A complete overhaul of long-established habits is usually not sustainable when too much change is initiated at once. 

Working closely with PA. Somers, you learn how to incorporate healthy foods into your daily diet while moving away from highly processed or nutritionally void food items. Just as important, you learn how to listen to your body's messages and notice how dietary changes improve how you feel each day. 

How can I best prepare for my nutritional counseling visits?


It’s helpful to take some time to compile a list of your current/recent physical and mental health challenges, as well as your family health history. This information shapes and informs your treatment planning. 

You might also take time to create a written overview of your current diet. Include foods commonly consumed during meals and snacks, and don’t forget to add beverages. This gives our office a view of your baseline nutrition, which helps us identify areas for improvement. 

It’s also helpful to consider what you want to achieve through nutritional counseling. Whether it’s enhanced cognitive function, reduced anxiety, better sleep, or weight loss, knowing where you’d like to end up can help motivate you along your journey.  If you are interested in learning more about keeping a food journal, please follow this helpful external link for more information: 


When you’re ready to begin, call the office to schedule a visit or use the easy online booking feature.